With each new year comes a landslide of predictions and trends to guide us into the future. While we don’t pretend to know the answers, we have assembled a panel of digital signage veterans to share their insights and opinions on some of the common questions surrounding content for digital signage:

  • Is HTML5 here to stay?
  • Open Source: How does it apply to digital signage?
  • Social media: Does it have a place on my digital display?
  • Interactive: Is it working as expected?
  • Measurement: How do I know if it is working?
  • Design: How much content is too much?
  • How are audience demographics influencing content design?

This hangout session will be February 10th, 2pm EST

Matt Krebs – VP of Solutions, Creating Margin
Travis Kragh – CCO, ClockNine
Sheldon Silverman – CEO, SmartBomb Media Group

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