Smart Content

Digital Smart Content™

Are you seeking content that simply just knows what to do on it’s own? ClockNine’s advanced Smart Content™ actually manages itself. Sound too good to be true? Well here’s a little insight on how the technology works.

Digital Smart Content™ is infused with live data feeds. Each time the content plays, it checks in to see if new data is available. Once parsing that data, the content then adapts its offerings based on the information that is received. By looping data into each file, we are able to provide fresh up to date content that is truly unique.

Rethink Digital® with ClockNine’s hands free Smart Content™. Choose from a variety of Smart Content™ offerings including Smart Digital Menu Boards, Smart Digital POP, Social Media Integration and much more.

Smart Content Digital Signage

Smart Digital Menu Board

Smart Digital Menu Board

Rethink menu board usability with ClockNine Smart Digital Menu Boards. Our advanced technology syncs directly with your POS data to ensure that your menu offerings and pricing are always up to date. Smart Digital Menu Boards will adapt as you make an updates within your POS system. Enjoy care-free menu board maintenance with ClockNine Smart Digital Menu Boards.

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Smart Digital Weather

Weather Specific Content

Weather can depict the mood of a consumer. How we dress, what we eat, drink or even purchase. ClockNine’s advanced Weather Specific Content can help you push the right products at the right time. Shift menu offerings so that cold treats become more prevalent on a hot day or sell raincoats when it’s raining.

Our advanced technology monitors the weather and makes adjustments to your content so you can focus on growing your business. In advertising timing is everything. Maximize your digital marketing efforts with weather relevant content.

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Digital Menu Trending Purchase

Trending Purchase Integration

As all marketers understand that utilizing social norms is a great way to successfully drive sales of a specific product. ClockNine’s Trending Purchase Integration works hand in hand with your POS data to update consumers on the hot buys within your establishment. You determine the threshold at which you want the notification to trigger. Integrate this technology into your menu board or digital POP. Allow consumers to rethink how they shop with Trending Purchase integration.

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Digital Signage Smart POP

Smart Digital POP

ClockNine’s digital point of purchase (POP) menus just became even more effortless. Rethink Digital® POP integration with our Smart Digital POP. By connecting directly with your systems POS data, our system ensures that pricing within your content is always up to date. This seamless technology allows for location specific pricing across your entire network.

Another incredible component of Smart Digital POP is its inventory assessment feature. While scanning your POS data this state-of-the-art content also detects how many items are left in stock. Give consumers a real time countdown of your inventory so they are sure not to miss out. Once you sell out of an item, inventory assessment will also detect items removed from your POS data. ClockNine’s Smart Digital POP automatically adjusts your playlist so that when you run out of an item it will no longer show on screen.

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Digital Signage Social Media

Social Media Integration

Social Media has become a core component of consumers everyday lives. People find true value in what others are saying and are depending on social reviews to make purchases more often than ever. Build a sense of community with ClockNine’s Social Media Integration.

Incorporating this technology allows you to pull in a hashtags, images, videos and even hand pick social quotes. ClockNine filtering algorithms will help to ensure post cleanliness. Increase customer engagement by integrating posts from Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Instagram, and even Amazon. You select the social media and how you want to use it. Rethink how you influence consumer purchase patterns with ClockNine Social Media Integration.

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Digital Signage Class Schedule

Class Schedule Integration

Keep the community up to date with Class Schedule Integration. ClockNine’s advanced digital content connects directly with your online schedule to stream live data to your displays. Alert guests with up to the minute schedule adjustments. ClockNine Class Schedule Integration provides guests with truly informative content that they can depend on.

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Digital Signage Class Schedules
Digital Signage Daily Specials

Daily Specials Integration

ClockNine’s Daily Special Integration content helps push recurring promotions at your establishment. This Digital Smart Content™ has built-in calendar recognition to showcase day-to-day offerings. Customize or change your daily specials whenever you like. Boost daily special awareness with ClockNine’s Daily Special Integration.

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Digital Signage Sports Feed

Sports Report

Gain consumers attention with live up to date sports scores, stats, news and highlights. ClockNine’s Sports Report content can help increase customer engagement in your establishment. Entertain consumers with content that is always fresh. Live data streams will pull game stats, scores and news and highlights from an endless list of sporting leagues and events.

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Digital Signage Sports Feed

Digital Signage Weather

Weather Forecast

ClockNine offers yet another great way to enhance customer engagement. Inform guests of the world around them with Weather Forecast content. Choose from single day forecast, local weather radars, the five day forecast and even advanced weather forecast videos.

ClockNine takes Weather Forecast content to the next level by integrating product offerings into your news. Give consumers the info that they desire while still creating value for your establishment. Suggestively sell products during specific weather patterns. Product pop-ups can offer hot coco on a dreary evening or sun block on a scorching day. Rethink Digital® with ClockNine’s advanced Weather Forecast technology.

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Digital Signage Traffic Feed
Digital Signage Traffic Feed

Traffic Forecast

Keep your community informed on local traffic patterns with ClockNine Traffic Forecast. You choose the timing and threshold for when this content plays. Traffic Forecast offers informative content that will help increase customer engagement.

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Digital Signage Entertainment Feed

Entertainment Central

ClockNine’s Entertainment Central is another great way to supply guests with informative content. Keep consumers entertained with fun up to the minute facts. Choose from Top Celebrity Tweets, Billboard Top 10, celebrity Entertainment News and much more.

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Digital Signage Entertainment News

Digital Signage News Ticker
Digital Signage News Feed

Ticker Integration

Seeking a less invasive way to keep people posted on the world around them? ClockNine’s News Ticker Integration can be added to any content feed to supply consumers with up to the minutes news and weather alerts.

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