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Digital Custom Content

Are you the type of person who desires total control of their digital content? Rethink Digital® with ClockNine’s Custom Content offerings. Our software empowers you to make on the fly modifications to your screens. Take charge of your digital by personally adjusting content with a single click. Maximize the value of your digital marketing efforts by making edits to price, imagery and text anytime you like.

ClockNine offers a variety of Custom Content features to choose from including Editable Menu Boards, Custom Point of Sale, Social Media Control, Digital Daily Specials, Digital Product Rotator, Custom Weekly Calendar.

Looking to hand off a little bit of that control? ClockNine Permissions lets you regulate who can make adjustments within your network.

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Custom Content Digital Signage
Digital Signage Menu Boards

Editable Menu Boards

ClockNine’s Editable Menu Boards are changing the standard for digital menus. Our cutting-edge technology allows for total flexibility and customization of your digital menus. Care-free automated spacing lets you add and remove items while keeping your menu layout clean and organized. Customize your menu by re-ordering items and improve visibility of items by moving them to the top of your menu.

Seeking a design that fits your brand? ClockNine’s Creative team can build you the custom look your desire. With advanced Visual Attention Technology, we will help you strategically draw attention specific to parts of your menu board. Take charge with ClockNine’s custom architected Editable Menu Boards.

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Digital Signage POP

Custom POP

Maximize the value of your content with revolutionary shape shifting digital signage. Our state-of-the-art Custom Point of Purchase content allows for truly revolutionary control. Keep content fresh and relevant by swap products, editing prices and even selecting alternative backgrounds in minutes. Rethink how you make updates to your digital signage with ClockNine’s advanced Custom Point of Sale technology. Take full control of your digital marketing efforts and never rely on others to make changes to your signage again.

Custom POP
Digital Signage Product Rotator

Digital Product Rotator

Need to boast variety? ClockNine’s Digital Product Rotator will do the trick. You select the items you want to display and they appear in your animation. Our 3D carousel adds a sleek cutting edge look while the Glide By Carousel allows for limitless adaptability. Rethink how you showcase product variety with ClockNine’s Digital Product Rotator.

Digital Product Rotator
Digital Signage Social Media

Social Media Control

Push marketing tactics can overwhelm and turn consumers off. People find value in what others are saying about your product, not necessarily what you have to say. ClockNine can help you integrate social selling into your digital marketing campaigns. Rethink Digital® by bringing a sense of community to your signage. Social Media Control files put you in charge to choose the social quotes that you want people to see.

Total Social Media Control
Digital Signage Daily Specials

Digital Daily Specials

One of the key features to digital signage is instantaneous updates. At ClockNine we know that sales tactics can often times be situational. That is why we create Digital Daily Specials content. Just like all of our other custom content options you regulate what you see on screen. Swap in and out imagery, adjust pricing and even write a short description about your offering. When you special ends you determine what goes on sale next.

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Digital Signage Weekly Specials

Weekly Event Calendar

Keep customers up to date weekly events and promotions with ClockNine’s Weekly Event Calendar. Whether you have daily specials, private parties or live music keep your community engaged with what is going on at your establishment.

Interested in a self updating calendar? Check-out our Smart Content Calendar that syncs with your online calendar.

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